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July 22, 2008


phd in yogurtry

Oh how terribly sad. Why, why, why? And the boyfriend who followed. So tragic, all around.

I do like this paraphrased quote from her Dec. post: >


hi phd,

Nobody knows why, perhaps those close to her do, but nobody on the internet (that I've read anyway). Of course there were/are many theories: that she was too outspoken politically; that she was against Scientology (with a very loud voice!) and there were plots that lead to her death because of it (she complained in detail of her and Jeremy being harrassed by Scientologists). She was called paranoid for this, post-death. (Nothing like bringing the daggers out on the dead person who can't speak back).

I'd actually emailed her asking what was wrong and could I help. She was such a prolific blogger - the last alive post was published on July 10, 07 and then nothing- but of course I was too late.

I can only shake my head at this terrible loss for the world, she was one of the great female minds. And Jeremy was a visionary artist. They were great lovers who quite obviously adored one another.

Her daily blogs were my intellectual and visual fix and I still miss her terribly.

But it does point out that a blogging community can be very real to a person and means something quite special.

I'm really glad you are now part of mine.


phd in yogurtry

So it was ruled suicide, but there are hints it might have foul play? How scary and awful for her family, trying to piece through this (unless they have buried it all, not wanting to look at it closely).

I'm glad you're in my blogging community, too : )

Jennifer Rains

I discovered Theresa, Tess as I call her, last October(2007) article in California Magazine. She has become my personal "spirit guide" I call her, like your "personal goddess". I'm not part of Typepad, but have a blog dedicated to her with my owm personal findings and musings. Please if you get the chance, check me out at thewitcontinuum.wordpress.com. I'm so glad I found your site. The 26th of October is Theresa's birthday-planning a tribute. Peace.

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