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September 13, 2006


Laelee ;)

Hee Hee we looove him!
My fave episode is when he turns into a zombie..that music kills me every time.


Hey Laelee, UB as a zombie? Sheesh! I haven't seen that one. That would be perfect! My favourite is where UB ends up in a shrink's office.


I never knew about him. I think I'm in love now....


This is new to me too. What fun!


Deb, you are not alone. Most people I know want to marry Untalkative Bunny. That's actually a fib, but you know what I mean, obviously!


Hp, I bet your daughter would love him to bits. He's on Austar at 7.25 some weeknights (?) unless the programme's been changed in the last month.

mr cartoon classic online

I learned something!

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