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August 09, 2006



A great post. I often come under peer criticism because my daughter doesn't have an activity planned for every afternoon. I am resistant to that. A friend of ours overloaded (in my opinion) her son with piano, swimming, football, additional maths, additional english, tennis - all at the tender age of 5. I'm often made to feel that I'm depriving my daughter and holding her back. It's good to hear something that might validate my position a little.

Alison Tuck

Good point HP, a lot of this stuff is peer pressure - amongst the adults - who should have outgrown it! It's really very ok to just let kids be kids and not fear that they will be left behind as a result. Good for you, stick to your guns - and know that you are not alone HP!


just watched the bra boys rich kids like myself do not have a tight knit community like these people and they grew up in housing commisions they had to band together to get through thier problimatic childhoods. They have people who are there for them every day, just because you have money doesnt make you happy you dont have fend for yourself


Thanks for this comment Jason and you're right. I watched the bra boys last year and really appreciated it. There's a lot of competitiveness in more affluent circles, which creates isolation. In poorer circles, everyone's in the same boat...but I think you'll find too that the quest for material superiority can be found there too, not as pronounced. So it's more possible to find your community. Cheers, A.

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