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July 11, 2006



Very though provoking article. Thanks for sharing that - where do you find all this good stuff?

Alison Tuck

Isn't it interesting? Can't specifically remember how I got onto Slate Mag, but it's surely from surfing blog sites and heading out from links that I find there. Did I say I can feel an obsession coming on? Well it's hit!

Caleb Pearson

Very interesting article, although I must say it's nothing new. I work in community mental health where the diagnosis are hit or miss at best. Despite this, it's still disturbing.

Alison Tuck

Hi Caleb, Yes you're right about the 'nothing new' bit and thanks for your comment and confirmation that it is a problem!


Interesting, good post.

I have a friend who is currently being pushed between two different psychiatrists one saying that she is bipolar the other equally sure that she is not.

Though everyone I have seen for myself has come up with the same diagnosis.


I was diagnosed once with a diagnosis based on the symptom of 'grandiosity' because I came into my psychiatrist after years of self esteem issues (horrible eating disorder) and declared that I was going to write a book and try to get it published.

He was kind and encouraging, but I could see the 'yea right' in his eyes and then when I looked up the diagnosis code, I was shocked!

He, um, removed the diagnosis code a couple of months later when he actually read a little bit of what I write. He apologized to me when the first article I submitted anywhere got published.

He is now my biggest cheerleader on my writing. HE calls it a writing CAREER and corrects ME when I call it a hobby.


Even docs who care and know a patient can be too quick to diagnose!


Good post, Alison. I was trained to use the least specific diagnosis until more specific info is available. There is, however, that time pressure to come up with a diagnosis. Dinah and I have bantered about my diagnosis [http://psychiatrist-blog.blogspot.com/2006/07/who-wants-diagnosis.html]. Here's another post about diagnoses in bloggers [http://psychiatrist-blog.blogspot.com/2006/05/roy-unleashed.html].


I see the psych I mentioned before on Tuesday ..and get to tell him I have a book deal on the book I wrote!

How funny that I wrote about this ... THIS week, and the book deal finally came through now!
(it's only been 4 years)

Alison Tuck

Hi Jessica, Exactly!

Peggikaye, thanks for your comments and your story. Really interesting. Once again, congrats on your recent book deal - that is such a great thing to have happen.

Roy, I've tried to link to your blog via the link you've left here, but with no luck. Well now I'm really curious!

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