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September 10, 2010



yes, sometimes hard science can suck, women can (and often do) rock and men... well sometimes they still seem to turn me into a raving looney... does that prove that hysteria is still the domain of the femme de la kitchen sink ? Methinks I shall have to create an experiment.....

phd in yogurtry

I tend to believe its a bit of both. Some wiring, some learned. As a mom of twins, I see wiring. I don't want to hear about raising them with subtle differences. I was too tired and harried to distinguish. Their personality traits were emerging and apparent then, as now.

Not that I think there is any wiring exclusive to men. Or exclusive to women. But there are trends. I read this figure in a book on gender differences, roughly 85% of males exhibit stereotypically male traits and vice versa.

I read that years ago. And as you say, I am probably embarrassingly out of date.


Yes phd, it's not a new argument this one. It's the nature vs nurture debate in an updated version.

No, you're not out of date at all - I would argue you're an expert in the matter!

Jonathan O.

I personally hate the way people actually make up some of these differences. We are all human after all and you can never generalize anything ! I, for an example, never judge a woman because she's a woman. I judge the person she is. I've met women that are not that smart but I've also met women so strong and intelligent. The genes differ from men to women as much as they differ from men to men or women to women.


Finally, a more rational opinion regarding ...well opinions ! Well said there jonathan...you have a thumbs up from me :)


Yes phd, it's not a new argument this one. It's the nature vs nurture debate in an updated version.
Thanks for sharing with us.

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