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September 07, 2010



WOW, that was great!!!!


Thanks Deb, It's marvelous to see, for sure.

phd in yogurtry

Right On. I feel the same sense of outrage. We've come a long way? Really? Not based on how successful Victoria Secret continues to be. Not based on the even more pervasive use of sexualized female imagery in the media.


I still think Marilyn Monroe had it better than young women these days and God knows that's saying a lot.

Susan Singer

A great poem and wonderful sentiments.
I am also involved in doing artwork which portrays women other than the way the media does. I paint women of all sizes and shapes with the intention of helping us all see the beauty in each and every woman. I would welcome you to my website and blog to discover more. www.susansinger.com, www.susansingerart.blogspot.com

Scott Challen

Right on the spot! She pointed all flaws a woman may/have encounter. But honestly, no one can stop this madness. It will only intensify. Or maybe one person can change the world with a POEM. Great work Kate!

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