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July 16, 2008


phd in yogurtry

I commented under your Gabriella Cilmi post, but will duplicate here in case you miss it:

WOW! And only 16, huh? Great tune, even better sound. I can now rest a little easier, if Amy Winehouse self-implodes (which its looking awfully much like she is, sadly).

Why haven't we heard of this young woman here in the states?

And how is her name pronounced? Kill-me? Sill-me?

Thanks for the link, alison.

phd in yogurtry

As for Nin, I went through a period of reading several of her books, Diaries I believe they were. Poetic, insightful, ephemeral, vulnerable but strong too.

"An individual meaning" .. I like that.

Are there any particular writings of hers that are must-read in your opinion? I read a few, then stopped, can't remember why exactly.


Hey phd,

Gabriella's surname is pronounced 'Chill-me'. I hate to admit it but I haven't heard anything of Amy's but I know I'd like her. I've just seen the tabloid stuff and also feel sad.

Nin's "A Woman Speaks" is a book of transcripts of lectures and interviews she did throughout the States in the years just before her death and is great. Probably a bit dated now, I read it years ago, but have a look through in a library and see how you feel. A different kind of feminist for her time, (70's - 80's ?) but a feminist all the same. Very inspiring for me at the time.

I could never get into her diaries nor "Henry and June" but adored "Spy In The House Of Love" and "Under A Glass Bell".Beautiful poetic writing.

The first contact I had with Nin was to read her collection of erotic short stories, "Delta of Venus". Written originally for a anonymous sponsor,in the 1920's they are quite lovely still.

So glad you like Gabriella!


phd in yogurtry

I have Delta of Venus by my bedside table. Haven't read them all, I read one here and there.

phd in yogurtry

Oh, and Amy Winehouse, the Back to Black CD is great. Pretty much every song is good.

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