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May 28, 2008



Hee Hee I like her style and she's gorgeous to boot! What a killer smile!


does this woman's tribe have anything to do with, "kookaburra sits in the old gum tree" song?" asks the dumb & lazy american?


Hey Laelee, She is gorgeous and tall with such an enigmatic face, you'd trust her anywhere eh?

Phd: "Dunno," answers the dumb and lazy australian. But the word "kokoberra" would suggest you are definitely onto something!

Aboriginal nations span the continent, and within each there are many different tribes. That's a whole lotta peoples with different totems, dreamtime stories and tribal name origins. I'd like to know more myself.


Im hoping Tania will come on board in being an advocate for a company Im working for called "The Replay Group"? It's an amazing program educating the Indigenous in child care & aged care. Could anyone suggest where I would send a DVD/information for her perusal?


Hi Simone, Have no contacts at this stage but why not contact the ABC re the Enough Rope program and see what happens from there? I suspect they'd be happy to help.


Just say you are trying to contact Tania re your program - they should have some leads.

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