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April 27, 2008



This reminds me of a similar project here in NY. It received a lot of press. I always hope that those who share can do so without a trigger fallout.


It reminds me a little of PostSecret. The anonymity is attactive..you can release the secret without feeling exposed...or so goes the theory.

Of course, PostSecret has become quite a money earner for the author - not sure that sits well with me.


Ohhh yes we are! I love reading other people's secrets but don't have too many of my own. I like to be an open book,which gets me in trouble sometimes;p
I would love to see that piece..

Alison Tuck

Deb, I'd be interested to know if there is fall out in these projects, and what it is.

HP, I think I've seen that site but you've picqued my interest so I'll check it out and have a perv..

Lael, I imagine you are a very open person and no doubt very trustworthy to boot!

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