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April 29, 2008



Good post!
I know from personal experience how true those words and thoughts are.
It's funny,when I was under extreme stress due to the toxic stylings of my own mother,I was a very bad parent. It's true,not afraid to admit it. Now that she is no longer in my life,I can happily say I am a good one. My kids now tease me all the time when I calmly and patiently respond to them,with the phrase"Why are you yelling?" because I'm not,lol and it's such a change from before;p Little brats,lol


Hello Love,
It's been nearly a year since we last communicated, and then it was during such a sad, sad time.

At any rate, I do read most of your posts as I've set up a little email reminder. Your writing is beautiful and so inspiring. Well, I decided to check on our mutual lovely friend's site (Theresa's) as I haven't been able to visit in ages. Did you know there are 2 posts up from Oct. and Dec.? She had written and scheduled them for posting before she took her life apparently. They are just as extraordinary as the others and very haunting. For myself, I'm very grateful she thought of giving us a little something even after she left us. She's never going to leave us completely, I hope.

Take care and please keep writing.

phd in yogurtry

thanks for the HalfFull link. great site. loved the "take time for me" post. so necessary.

here's one of my favorite quotes:

Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their environment and especially on their children than the unlived life of the parent. -- Carl Jung

Alison Tuck

Lael, You're a fantastic example of how sometimes we really need to cut ties with a "significant other". Such a difficult, painful process I imagine and yet so successful in your case. Go Lael!

Lisa Lisa Lisa,
So great to hear from you. I'm so glad you are staying in touch and thanks for your lovely words. Yes, I have notices Theresa's 2 posts after her death. Amazing really.

I often just head back over to Wit to have a read of a few posts here and there. I agree she's never going to leave us completely and just to make sure, I ordered a Wit t-shirt. Don't really want to lose touch with her!

Take care lovely, A x

Phd, That Carl-baby Jung quote is actually one of my all time favourites as well! Has been for some years now.Cheers.


I'm so glad you even remembered me! lol
"Don't really want to lose touch with her!"--I agree 100% and I hope to never lose touch with you either.
I'm finally able to go back and read, but miss her so.
You have many similarities to her writing style. People actually learn something from your blog. Something not only about you, but about the world, and that's truly the sign of a selfless, caring and intellectual soul. I'm not there yet. Hopefully one day....

*Love the Carl-baby Jung quote!*

Do stay in touch. XOXO

Alison Tuck

I'll always be very grateful for your human touch when Theresa died, Lisa. No chance of forgetting that.

Thanks for your kind words, what a compliment re my writing style compared to TD's. Sheesh, that's blown me away.

I miss her terribly still as well. I'm hoping with time, it will get a bit easier.

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