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March 28, 2008



There isn't a huge exodus from Sydney to Brisbane for nothing!

I found Sydney to be like a country town when I first arrived from London. People actively talked me out of Brisbane and other capitals.

Sydney doesn't thrill me though....I prefer Melbourne and would relocate if the circumstances were right. Brissy would be too hot for me.

Alison Tuck

Now in my day... there was a huge exodus from Brisbane to Syd, mainly due to the political climate - that's how I ended up living there for 10 years.

However, I found Sydney ultra conservative and a closed shop when it came to the arts. It didn't come near the quirky energy of suppressed Brisbane. Nowadays, like you I prefer Melbourne over Sydney.

Since I've lived country for 8 years it would be hard for me to live in any city to be honest. But it's great that Brissy's just up the road for me (just over an hour's drive)and that it's evolving in the way it is.

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