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March 06, 2008



Hee Hee
I love Kindy. If I was to be a teacher(and it may happen one day,who knows) I would only be a kindergarten teacher.
Those kids are so fun,silly and honest. I have a feeling every day would be a grand adventure.


Is this a new position for you, Alison? Sounds like it could have some very fun moments..Love the honesty of kindy kids...the truth just comes right out.

Alison Tuck

Well my fine Canadian gal pal, let me tell you this. There are Kindy teachers and there are Kindy teachers. The ones that should be known by vast numbers of the general public are truly unique individuals. It is always a great delight and honour for me to be able to swan into such classrooms.

This is a very difficult age to teach. I think you should get a teaching degree and I'm serious. You'd be great.

New but old, HP. I've suspended the private work for a year as I have a full-time (casual) job as school counsellor for all of 08, in public schools on the Tweed. Having said that, I've been working as a counsellor/psych in schools for 20 years this year.

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