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August 06, 2007




I've been checking into your blog since stumbling across it in the aftermath of the deaths.

I found out about the event on the Saturday morning of the New York Times article, from my wife who was reading the piece on line and she asked me if I'd heard of the two New York artists.

I glanced down and saw that familiar head tilt, and realized, oh,no, not her.

I've since devoted too much time, but tried to provide some a) clarity for myself and b) maybe something useful for others, in The Blue Raccoon, at harrykollatz.blogspot.com.

Ciao. --HEK

Health Psych

I'm not really up on all this, Alison, but sorry to hear you've copped some unpleasantness. Obviously a misinterpretation because I can't see you'd do anything to possibly deserve it.

Alison Tuck

Hey Harry, Thanks for dropping in, I'll be heading over your way too. From a brief glance, your blog looks great.

HP, Not really unpleasantness, just people jumping to Theresa's defense. Fair enough too. My intention was to draw attention to an article that was critical of her so that idealization in the case of a suicide could be lessened. Didn't work.

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