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August 17, 2007


Karen Lynn

Hi, my name is Karen. I not only have Cerebral Palsy but a learning disability, dyslexia. I was passed from grade to grade thoughout my 12 years of education, in a handicap schoo. I live in California. And during the mid 50ies my mother got the first special education teacher by talking to the principal of my elementry school, and advocating for me. Oh how I struggled. But how grateful I am, that I had the tenasity to make it! I was also labled "MENTALLY RETARDED" three different times, and won the first Civil Rights Case under section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. I became a pioneer because of it and opened the doors for all disabled people. I also earned my AA degree 5 years later, won second prize in the Kelidescope Literary Prose fiction art award of 1983, and became a fitness instructor for all people while specializing in teaching and mentoring my own disabled population. I have devoted my life to helping an advocate for all with disabilities, and just last year became a published author of "THE BROKEN HOOF." This book is autobiograpical. It is a book about a disabled girl who becomes friends with a carrousel horse. My book is give hope to all who want it! I am living proof. It was not easy for me in a time when there was not what there is today. I have had to fight for everything I have in my life, today and will not stop! It was the power within myself that kept me going! It was my belief in myself when no one else would, give me the benifit of the doubt and knowledge that I could achieve! To this very day I still am forging ahead to make it, and make this a better place for all:>) I even have my own website and wrote this book to help other's like myself to keep on keeping on. If I can be of any support to you or others please contact me at: http://whispersofhope.org
until then, with warm regards

Alison Tuck

Thank you Karen, you're a real inspiration. And very determined too, which I think is a particularly admirable quality in a person. Keep going! Great to see you here.


Hmm,I had no clue such a thing existed..going to look into that!

Thanks Karen for telling your story~

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