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August 07, 2007




Have you seen this LA times article about T & J:


It adds more 'journalistic' detail to their story, such as that they were evicted from their idyllic Venice canal cottage after Jeremy poured urine on the neighbor's barbeque grill,
and other astonishing insights. There is also a parenthetic comment, unattributed, that some of the Satanic CoS-like graffiti that so freaked out both T & J exhibited a noticeable similarity to HER handwriting. That observation, if true, leads to a whole new thread of thought about that period of their lives & the harassments she complained of, which I won't bore you with here.

By far the best set of comments I've come across are contained in this thread:


There are free-ranging contributions from a host of people who claim to have known Theresa and Jeremy, but you may get the impression they knew different people. Read all the comments and you'll get an appreciation of just how complex Theresa's personality was. She was indeed many different things to many different people, which simply makes her all the more fascinating to me.

I don't know either how she died or why, but the NY Times account did claim that she left a lengthy hand-written suicide note.
That note probably gives her reasons for what she did and I suspect that one day her family may release it to give closure to all those touched by her death.
Until then we can only speculate.

I never met either of them though I sorely wish I had. But nonetheless, like you, I dearly miss her blogging and her feisty, take-no-prisoners, torpedoes-be-damned, knock-em-down, kick-ass female sassiness.

After all, she was an artist.

There aren't enough tears in the world right now for Theresa and Jeremy. As an atheist, I've never believed in an afterlife, but for the first time I find myself hoping that I am wrong about this and that somehow, somewhere they are together again
free from all the pain and bitterness that this life seems to have bestowed on them.

All the Best to You,


Posted from New York City
August 8, 2007

Alison Tuck

Hi Jon

I've looked over at the beautifulcandy site and like it. I see too that I can gesture "Yes. Good." as I read it. Have read that article, it's ok.

I had a brief love affair with an article that really criticized her. It looked like I could say for a moment, "Oh well shit. She was a bitch after all." And thus relieve, in an instant, my grief.

Didn't work.

Thanks for the links. Stay well.



You may be the only person I can share this with who might understand. Last night I had a dream, not about Theresa, but about Jeremy, who gets far less attention in death than she does.

In the dream we were at lunch in NYC and were having a deep discussion about art and life, which I can't recall at all now. At the end of the dream Jeremy stood up and asked me to be sure to call him later ..... as if he had something important to tell me.

The meaning? Not sure, but perhaps it's a feeling that his half of the story is not getting the attention it deserves.

All the best,


Posted from New York City

Alison Tuck

The first thing that resounds from this dream, to me, is the feeling you seem to have been left with: Jeremy deserves more attention. Maybe there's a way you can act on that? Even if it's in a small, private way. He'd appreciate it!

The second thing is that your dream is really quite beautiful. I think Jeremy has paid you a visit and that you should indeed "call him back".

Mary McConnell

Dear Alison,

I just love what you are doing to honor your friendship, your friend and her beloved.

In your personal and professional opinion, would'nt Jeremy Blake's mother (a licensed family and marriage counselor) know if he were 'paranoid' as others have claimed recently here?

Wouldn't she know if Theresa was paranoid as supposid friends are claiming, too?

In the first and only report from the Washington Post about the Blake and Duncan matters
'The Puzzling, Tragic End of A Golden Couple' we read the first and only media comment made by his family:

"Obviously there was much more going on than any of us realized, but he never said anything that suggested there was a problem," said Anne Schwartz Delibert, Blake's
mother, who lives in Takoma
Park. "He was devoted to her. He was a loyal caretaker."

I really believe there is more to the story. My experience with and knowledge of The Church of Scientology is such that Theresa's blog statements on the subject should be taken at face value until proven otherwise. They are not the first persons to make the claim that Scientology is harassing them and sadly,they won't be the last.

Read Time Magazine writer Richard Behar speak about he and other writers being harassed by the cult. It's amazing it is still allowed to call itself a 'church'

Keep up the good work. I really enjoy your blog.

Alison Tuck

Thanks for those links Mary. I hope time will reveal much more about their situation before they died. For now, I'm really still in shock, disbelieving I don't have access to Wit and it's all over.

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