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July 23, 2007



Even sadder now is the wagon train of opportunists who are circling the story to benefit from this tragedy.

Sloane Morrison

"And I shall be useful when I lie down finally:
Then the trees may touch me for once, and the flowers have time for me"

I too feel a profound loss over someone I never met.


I am so sorry for your loss. I'm not aware of her work, but she sounds like a real hero, someone we all could admire. Very sad.

Alison Tuck

Thank you Sloane for that. It's um beautiful. Did she write that? Is it a quote? It's so sad...

Ms Diva, I don't like your tone girlie but I'll leave your comment there and give you the benefit of the doubt.

Alison Tuck

Terri, I think she was like a pool of brilliance in a beautiful human form. I'm kinda at a loss. I'll have to start roaming the internet for a similar brain-fix, but she's obviously irreplacable. Thanks for your kind words. But her real life friends... now their the ones who will be hurting, since they've not only lost her, but Jeremy as well.

Alison Tuck

I will miss her so much. I just loved that blog and her mind. Her sense of visual beauty had the power to lift me for a day. I giggled about things she said and more often, implied. She had EDGE. I stupidly presumed that my banter with her would last indefinitely.

Look forward only and do what you can. Do not be tempted to think, "If someone like Theresa Duncan tops herself, what really then, is the point?"

Just look forward.


It's been 3 days since I learned and it's still impossible to believe it. But so many people have reached out and said nice things on the internet and it helps. For people who never met her, I can assure you that she was wickedly funny, beautiful, sweet and fiercely loyal. Some people found her intimidating, but I suspect that's because ones own shortcomings were quickly revealed in her presence. But you can't shoot the messenger, can you?

For me, for years she was on a bit of a pedestal, I'll admit; but then she just made me try harder. She made me want to find a more interesting word when I'd be speaking to her, or turn of phrase when I would email. She made me want to read more just so I could frickin' understand her hyper-referential hyper-literacy. And ultimately her and Jeremy's example, as a creative couple leading a creative life, inspired me to take the leap and do the same. To dare to believe that making art was a legitimate use of my time, a worthy pursuit; a necessary one.

I wish thats how other people would react to people who challenge them: not with insecurity, fear and retribution, but by feeling inspired to do better. Theresa inspired me for 13 years, and Jeremy for 10. They made me want to be smarter, funnier and more original. And while the wind has been knocked out of me for a few days I am confident that I will soon go back and keep trying to win their approval.

So, thank you for your helpful words Alison: I read your 'look forward' now and just see words. But hopefully I will absorb the meaning tomorrow and live by the creed again on Thursday. So: lets all try and live clever and witty lives in her honor, shall we?


Heh Al. Just read about this. Really, really sorry mate for your loss. She sounds like an amazing woman and friend. Cyber or not. Glad to see you're continuing the blog - you are an inspiration to me too. Love ya.

Alison Tuck

Blake, as I've said in my email, I cannot thank you enough for the time and care you've taken in order to write to me. I will be dropping into your blog and scolding you if your not living a beautiful life.

Ree, Thanks for your comment here my love. You're like Theresa to me and always have been - a rare, precious and beautifully wicked girl with a big brain and a cheek to make a fully grown adult blush. Love xxA


I heard of this heartbreaking news today. I too only knew Ms Duncan via my daily reads and a few emails. I found her intelligence and creativity inspiring. And appreciated her kindness as she always took a moment to send a reply to a stranger's email. It is odd feeling such grief for someone I had never met. But feel it I do.


I hope you don't mind that I posted a link to this on my blog. You seem to have found the words I'm not able to find at the moment.

Alison Tuck

Monnie, Actually I think you've been really clear yourself here, thanks. I think that's the trickiest part of it for me - feeling real grief for someone I've never met. However. Theresa was very real. Very human and now very much not with us. Don't let your head mess too much with what your heart is feeling.


Oh I'm very sorry...

Sloane Morrison

Teri -
Please excuse my oversight.
The quote..
"I am Vertical"-Sylvia Plath

Sloane Morrison

Another oversight, apologies Alison.
Also, what Blake wrote is truly inspiring and I am happy to know that I can now come to your blog.Thanks

Alison Tuck

Yes of course Sloane, Theresa posted that on June 28. You are welcome here, anytime. Peace.


Thank you for the beautiful tribute...but in memory of Theresa, I ask you not to assume what is printed in The New York Times is "truth"...

Alison Tuck

Hi Leigh, and thank you. I'm not going to enter into any discussions about Theresa's death being not a suicide. I do accept that this is the sadder option. Peace and love to you.


So, sorry to hear of the loss

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