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April 27, 2007



oh he sounds wonderful!
I love this way of thinking,it goes so well with my own methods and ideals.
People often freak out because I 'let' my son stay up reading as late as he wants,and then get as much sleep as he needs the next day. They think he's going to turn into a BUM or something.
He always gets up when he needs to(garbage day,going out on errands) on his own,manages his own day and school scheduale(sp) and activities and is reading ADULT books on his own,with gusto, so they can stick it in their ears!

Hehehe,I love his response to the smart aleck;p

Alison Tuck

Hey Laelee, People really need to look at what they can do to improve their own parenting practices instead of endlessly critisizing other people! Let that boy sleep!


Envy again. I'd have loved to listened to MCG. Often read his articles etc. Lucky you (again!)

Dr. Deb

Being from the States, I've never heard of him. Thanks for introducing him to me.

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