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January 15, 2007



oooooh I wish I looked like that!
I love Betty Boop:)

Ha,me too. Housework? BAD

Alison Tuck

Yes Lael,
Housework: Bad. Parties: Good. Life is simple.


Betty boop was voiced by Margie hines, Kate Wright, little ann rothschild ,Bonnie poe & Mae Qustel

Mae Questel started voicing betty boop in 1931

but all the other voices also voiced betty boop at the same time

margie hines first voiced betty boop in dizzy dishes 1930, then when mae questel quit in 1938
margie hines continued the series until 1939
questel got to finish voicing betty boop in who framed roger rabbit
she was apparently busy when the making of the romance of betty boop & betty boops hollywood mystery personally i think she couldnt hack it


Thanks May! Mae was just about to get all the credit before your comment.

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