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December 29, 2006


Little Blue Petal

Untalkative Bunny is fabulous! I was thinking about him just this afternoon. Think I must be overdue for an UnBun marathon. How are you spending New Year Alison? I think the kids are going to make me play Boggle all night :-)

Alison Tuck

Hi Lbp, What's boggle? I'm intrigued!

This is will the first New Years that the kids will be with their father and not me. We separted 4 years ago. So... my partner and I are heading off up to the Sunshine Coast to spend time with friends who live in the bush up in the inland hills.

A moon-filled balmy eve in rainforest, yup, I'm excited.


I adore UB!
Best theme music ever.

Enjoy your New Year,it sounds heavenly.
We're ordering in and there may even be some bubbly at midnight.

Alison Tuck

Hey Lael, Snuggled in front of a crackling fire no doubt? You have a good one too.

Little Blue Petal

Wow Alison, that will be fantastic! Have a great time! There is certainly a lovely side to kids being bigger and visiting others for a chunk of time! I have been enjoying this new-found freedom myself. My ex-husband and I am are fairly amicable and try to help one another out when we can.
Boggle BTW, is a word-finding game. You shake some dice which have letters on them and then pour them into a grid. The idea of the game is to find as many words as you can within a time limit.
It is one of our family's traditional Shabbat/special occasion games lol! Quite fun, until the kids want to play it for the 40th time in an evening!

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