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August 29, 2006



I don't know how well Leunig is known outside of Australia. I often send his books as gifts to friends overseas and they all love his work. An amazing talent.


I really like a person who admits that sometimes,they just don't know:)
Thank you for introducing me to this fellow,and a fellow homeschooler at that!

Alison Tuck

Hi HP, I don't think Michael is known all that well OS either, I too send friends outside his books and yes, people just love the simple innocence he draws/writes and the mix with the dark bits.

Hi Lael,
Yes, I thought you'd notice that - I did actually think of you and homeschooling when I wrote it. I think you'd really love Leunig, a very strong personality with very straightforward views but a real sweetheart too. I liked what he wore onto the Denton show - a pair of very sensible sandals,jeans and a (very well loved) shirt. What a love!


How cool! I had never heard of him. I'm looking forward to checking out the links. Thanks for the info! Great post, as usual.

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