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July 10, 2006


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Jen Robinson

Thanks so much for the link, Alison! And thanks for your kind words. Visitors to my blog get a lot of the credit for putting together the list of "cool girls" - I'm happy that you think that it's useful!


Excellent! We'll be making extensive use of that!


What a great resource. I'm going to go there now. Thanks for sharing.

Little Willow

Isn't her list FANTASTIC? :) I was so pleased to see many of my picks in the top. :)

Alison Tuck

Hi Little Willow, Nice to see you here and thank you. Your sites/links look interesting, shall spend some more time soon cruising around them. Yep, I was really excited to have found Jen's page,and shall refer to it quite a lot from here in.

Jen, you are most welcome!

Healthpsych, You have a daughter as well- isn't this great to find? My girl has already named 2 books from the list she's interested in.

Jen Robinson

The cool girls list would definitely not be the same without Little Willow's contributions! Cheers!

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